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Looking Back

Woken up early on foggy day , with chants coming from a far away temple loud speaker , mind full with  lot of thoughts and memories . Attended marriage of nihit , ima friend and harmeet school friend . Thinking how time has changed . Bright morning of Bangalore was superb , earlier i never … Read more


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Is it ??

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Is it ??

Early Morning while attending inauguration of showroom , thought came when will i have a beginning. ICICI , HDFC , AXIS , but when will be its me. I know i have to quit and go for myself , from beginning i know  , but when ?  What is it that i want to do … Read more

A Small dot can stop a big sentence. But few more dots can give continuity. Every ending has a new Beginning. Sometimes it seems very difficult that things can be normal again. But at that time definition of normalcy is what makes us wrong. One has not to wait for time or stick with past. … Read more

Deja Vu

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What is the life. My branch’s guard was found died sitting on his seat , after couple of hours new guard came on duty. General talk , he was good guy. Its over. Now what is life all about.people come and go things happen and people forget. Bomb blast in delhi . It will will … Read more

IMA Convocation

Ima if i start talking about my days of icici manipal academy dont know where n what i will i lead. The best part of ima is Convocation at banagalore . ICICI provided Stay at 3 star hotel mat mumbai , Kingfisher tickets for parents , The Ceremony was great with Legendary K V kamath. … Read more

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