Tensed Choices

Well when it comes to Decision  making , within seconds whatever choice options looks easy is preferred and later comes the list of things to justify it . And recently i learned , when in tension , the decisions are usually wrong , that’s why it make mr captain kool so successful , even ( GOD wearing no  10 )  has to struggle with a Team . From many days a regret is coming again and again about the last year’s choice , i had to leave icici . The things were not right in a way and icici was to be blamed . Whatever options icici gave i just declined . The problem is my just struck there , just not moving .

A Total game changer plan i.e project Ninja is on Way with BRRG .

Time will prove it . Lets C .



Project Ninja

“Sometimes the Bad Things that Happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the Best Things that will happen to Us.”

Project Ninja is all about he Best Escape . No more short term escape from one trap to other . Final Destination have been planned , being trapped the Journey will continue .
Well Generally in such Traps , consider what worst can happen . Accept it and let the game continue .

Why Ninja , word denotes the Fighting spirit . Phoenix was the last project , it was bit into different vertical but had effect into others also . All changes were brought by the Phoenix , the Rebirth had taken a new route and of course things are never same .
So Let the importance shift from trap to the Escape . Wait for Results of Project Ninja.


Confusion Switched !!

Well , the Comparison mode is on for me , its always like my previous organization was like this dat etc . After you leave a organization , you find so many good things about it . And Before joining a New company , it is always a beautiful bouquet of Opportunities . Comparison can be deadly and I am facing so much confusion because of it . Its about accepting a New Culture , values and system . And I found my so habitual to old one , feels reluctant to adapt .
A single call creates so much confusion , that some vacancy is there with a bank . This was my first switch , and to be frank sometimes I Regret .
A Silver lining is that this vacuum has given options for so many dimensions . I get time to think for much better . And keeping all things aside , I felt good I has able to study continuously for a fortnight . Switch confusion is positive and now I have decided not for any change , I ever it will be in different vertical only.

Change !!

“Who moved my cheeze ” is one of my favorite books , it talks so simply about change and how people don’t want to let the things go and accept the change . I have read the book couple of times . In last episode of The Big Bang Theory favorite character sheldon , had to accept a change , small one but it mattered like anything for him . All wish things to be in same way , but only one thing is constant i.e change.

I myself find myself comparing my previous job and keep judging . Even today feel that was my organization . That was a good bond but ultimately the love for works also keep changing . Whenever u find such clutches , they just give a good memory even of things you wanted to get rid . Unbearable things of past also looks better and yours .

Same thing applies to people  , in this busy world you have real friends and colleagues which are late just friends on facebook and closer one on whatspp etc . Biggest change in friend circle is when you are married or friends get married . Your friendlist on facebook keep adding numbers whenever you relocate.

But all realise in any way or other change is always good , one just need to adapt to it .




Regretting Choices

   I wish I had chosen this over that.

                               The “what ifs”

Choices and Options are what we face everyday and every phase of life . From Personal choices to Professional from simpler one which holiday destination to which career . Recently one of my friend was regretting for his job , well paid , reputed job but he wanted to do something else .

I myself thought if given chance what decision would have i changed , the series of situations and decisions line in mind for review . But Best thing will be to accept whether correct or wrong you took decisions at that time with lot of thinking . Even if there is some mistake , all makes mistakes . Even the World is not perfect .

But what one can do is to get rid of choices we are trapped in . Life is short . We take calculative decisions keeping family friends in mind , somewhere your dream is lost .

So one should not makes choices today just to regret later .

Be yourself . Do what you love to do . Don’t be  person what others want you to be .

Take chances , don’t be afraid to take calculative risks and try new things which attract you

Don’t give up . Its never late , don’t get disheartened from failures. Fight back.

And to end with , Mainly just don’t accept to live with Regret , go for it what you desire .May be you have made mistakes earlier  Let them be lessons not any kind of backlog.

Election 2014

There have been many elections , but as all feel loksabha 2014 is special . Special is sense there has been multiple scams under congress rule ; rise of Aam aadmi party from the jan lokpal andolan by aana and Modi wave.
Youth voters are attraction ; participation of social media in all states and all levels . One can see every leader is rushing for facebook and whatspp at local level. Mega leadera go for twitter and facebook .
I had opportunity to be part of local kurukshetra poltics . How things are managed at booth level. People try to make there mark by attending meetings . Leaders use posters to claim they will be ticket holder .
I supported the anna movement ; it had literally shaken congress government . But the way it ended with Aap was not good. I support making political party but wished mr anna would have been stayed with this. And kejriwal proved he is not different but worst then regular politicians.
I am BJP supporter from begning ; but had hopes with Aap . Its Good people those shy away from polticis blaming it dirty are now joining Aap . With Time i hope Aap will evolve and get rid of controllers like arvind kejriwal and focus on ideology rather than doing anything for attention .

rc voter

This is the first time i have ever voted . I woke up early ; with family went to booth. Felt so proud after voting.
16 May is not far ; whatever the results are this political season was colorful and full of drama .
I wish we have a stable government with good opposition.
Local parties which form part of so called third front are worst . Hope there role is diluted .